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Dallas International School, Dallas,TX

Since 2004, Dallas International School has furthered the school mission of exposing students to diverse nations and cultural views through the Country of the Year program.

Our Mission

  • School Year logo and banner

  • Gala logo and collaterals

  • Carnival T-Shirt design

  • Event Sponsors banner

  • Signage

2016, Celebrate Our World

For it’s 25th Anniversary, it seemed only fitting to celebrate the cultures, traditions, art and languages of their community. This time the theme is not a country but the whole world, with the slogan "Celebrate our World".

The logo should carry a message of global community living with different cultures, speaking different languages, traveling to/from different country.

The " Celebrate our World" logo has been also declined and integrated in the Gala and Carnival designs

2017, Celebrate Jamaica

In 2017, the country of the year was Jamaica! An island rich with culture, beautiful tropical sunsets, a postcard sent from vacations, were the key words/moods for this vibrant event identity.

Using the Jamaican flag colors, the year logo was designed as a post stamp reflecting the island and it's tropical surroundings. The Event logo was declined as a sunset cruise scene keeping elements and graphic identity of the year logo. On the other hand, the carnival t-shirt depicted the national animal symbol: the hummingbird

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