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Lang's Bowlarama


The iconic Bowling alley was in need of an identity revival. DesignLaboratoire designed the "above the lanes" graphics, snack bar menus, collaterals, signage, and gave strong advice regarding the interior design for the Alley and Bar lounge.



Our Mission

  • Logo branding

  • Above the lanes design

  • Poster, flyer, and other marketing design

  • Bar menus

  • Signage and banners

  • Interior design advice for Bar lounge, Kid's room, and Bowling open spaces.

  • Bar lounge wall prints

Above the lanes


The design is inspired by the Marvel comics style of the 60's incorporating the several landmarks of the city such as the State Capitol, the old bridge, the Biltmore hotel...

At night, a black and white graphic superposition allows the city to light up under the black lights.

The making of the new masking units above the 40 bowling lanes of the alley consisted of one long graphic assembled on 40 boards.



With the respect of 1960's graphic style, and the color chart of the Bowling alley, we created flyers, postcards, poster and other promoting items as well as snack bar menus and signage.

Interior design

The conference/party room mural needed to be fun and at the same time settled, in order to allow both conferences and kids birthday parties to be held in the room.

Inspired by René Margritte's painting raining men, the mural would present on one side, white bowling pins on blue background and on the other side, blue bowling balls on white background. central wall features Ed Lang's stylized silhouette, founder of the bowling.

The bar/Lounge was in need of a total makeover. We assisted Lang's Bowlarama in the process of choosing flooring, furniture, wall decoration, and lightning. We also created the new logo.


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