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French-American Chamber of Commerce Dallas 
2016- 2017 Wine Festival


The Annual fundraiser of the French-American Chamber of Commerce in Dallas, TX, offering its guests a culinary experience of fine food and wines, is to be hosted at the Frontier Museum, which exhibits a wide range of old and more recent planes.

Therefore the theme for the graphics was set, and we designed boarding passes like event tickets.

Since the event is a Wine festival, the poster reminds it with the flight attendant serving wine.

Our Mission

  • Create Poster

  • Create GA tickets and VIP tickets

    DesignLaboratoire did not create the festival logo


With the amazing location where the event was being held, the theme for the poster was pretty much predetermined: An airport/plane environment with flight attendant serving wine.

French Wine Festival posters
Event Tickets


Two types of boarding passes, to be used as entry tickets, were designed: one General admission and one VIP.

Wine festival tickets mockup-01.png

Visit the French-American Chamber of Commerce Dallas at

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