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Modern Family Crest


What defines a family? What are the values for each and one of us, as member of a family.

We all have roots, symbolized by our grand-parents or older ancestors.

But in our modern times we sometime forget what it means to be part of a family, to wear our family colors. 

In this concept project, the goal was to create a new family crest, holding all our souvenirs and values. 


Our Mission

  • Ancient family crest research and analysis

  • Family survey to define values, colors, and souvenirs

Family identity


After submitting a short survey to all family members, a couple of items did stand out.

The color blue, the grand father smoking his pipe while listening to classic music, the beef roast the grand mother would prepare every sunday, some cute little expressions everybody remembered them saying...

At the end all those memories and key values were translated in visual form and laid out as a unique family crest.

Printing T-shirts


As a result, the family crest has been printed on t-shirts, and wore by the whole family during a family reunion in France.

Blason Bernard_Tshirt-15
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