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Dallas International School, Dallas,TX

Since 2004, Dallas International School has furthered the school mission of exposing students to diverse nations and cultural views through the Country of the Year program.


For it’s 25th Anniversary, it seemed only fitting to celebrate the cultures, traditions, art and languages of their community. This time the theme is not a country but the whole world, with the slogan "Celebrate our World".

The logo should carry a message of global community living with different cultures, speaking different languages, traveling to/from different country.

The " Celebrate our World" logo has been also declined and integrated in the Gala and Carnival designs

Our Mission

  • School Year logo and banner

  • Gala logo and collaterals

  • Carnival T-Shirt design

Celebrate our World logo


Reusing the school logo, a D featuring latitudes and longitudes lines, we created a colorful mosaic, extending  duplicating and rotating theses lines around the D but inside a circle, a globe.

Thru the many colors and shapes, emerging from the D but still contained inside the globe, the messages of diversity, cultures, community, and one world are transmitted.

Gala logo and Collaterals


The Gala is the school biggest fundraiser, and it's theme is always related to the country of the year, but their logos have never been really related to the school year logo. which was confusing.

So we created a logo, expressing joy and dynamism and festivity, but one that was declined from the main school year logo.

The colorful mosaic surrounding the D, and carrying all the messages described above, have been shaken and poured into a champagne glass cheering the school success. The Gala logo was applied on all event related collaterals

Carnival T-shirt design


The Carnival of the school is a fun fundraiser organized for the kids.

The T-Shirt is being sold at the event. We created a fun carnival/rides theme design, and again we wanted to incorporate the year logo, as all the events are held under the same slogan "Celebrate our World".

Therefore the High roller is built with the school logo inside.

Carnival T-shirt.jpg

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