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l'atelier couture sur mesure​


Focusing on a simple customization concept for unique handmade apparel for woman and little girls, l'atelier couture sur mesure is has newly open it's doors in Dallas. Therefore they needed someone to create their new brand identity and marketing material.


Our Mission

  • Brand identity and logo design

  • Marketing material 

  • Collection catalog design

Brand identity


The brand logo should reflect the basic lines of the company concept: simplicity and modernity.

The font was chosen for it's pure and modern but soft lines. Black on white text emphasize the sleek style of the brand while the hint of pink translate the creative and joyful aspect of the designer and her collection. The star is the designer's signature and will be applied on all garment. Therefore we wanted it to be part of the logo.

Collection catalog


The company concept is simple: choose your design, choose your fabric, choose one or several add-on details and your unique garment will be handmade just for you.

To achieve this, l'atelier couture sur mesure needed drawings from all their collection items.

We designed simple to understand drawings, featuring apparel details of front and back, as well as the possible variations with add-on customization.



Visit l'atelier couture sur mesure at

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